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Unwanted Emotions

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Dealing with Unwanted Emotions?

On average our users report that the intensity of their feeling reduces by over 50% in under 15 minutes, and the impact is cumulative.

Our emotions have the capacity to totally transform our actions and our thoughts. Most of our feelings are automatic and we have little direct control over them. Emotions arising from things like anxiety, left unchecked, can lead to profound negative effects on our daily life experience.

Often our negative emotions are not helpful to us in dealing with our problems. A calmer mind is more capable of better decision-making and problem-solving, or simply experiencing life in a happier way.

The Unwanted Emotions Module gives you the ability to quickly reduce the intensity of unwanted emotions.

For the best ways on how to use the Unwanted Emotions Module, sign up for our training by clicking here.

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Orpheus Mind Technologies

Unwanted Emotions Modules

Where We Can Help

Stress and overwhelm impact everyone from time to time. Whether something specific is making you feel stressed or it is an accumulation of things, the Orpheus app can quickly reduce the feelings of overwhelm. A calmer mind can leave you more able to deal with what you are facing.

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Anxiety is a useful tool that can help us to stay alive. Sadly, our brains too easily create it when there is no danger present. This Module teaches you how to systematically switch off anxious feelings when they aren’t serving you.

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The aim of guilt is to encourage you to live up to your moral compass and reduce the risk that you repeat behaviours that hurt others. This Module teaches you how to identify and scrutinise the causes of your guilt, even if that guilt is unwarranted, and how to quickly clear this whilst keeping the wisdom from past mistakes.

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This Module is for those who feel angry more than they would like, or are easily triggered by things which don’t warrant it. We teach you how to identify what led to your current emotional responses, then rapidly remove those unhelpful patterns and triggers, giving you a liberating experience.

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The coronavirus crisis is unprecedented and as we all struggle to navigate these uncharted waters, huge numbers of people are left feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope. Here we teach you how to reduce the overwhelm you feel despite the chaos.

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You already know that flying is the safest form of transport but that doesn’t help with your fear. The tools in this Module work with your brain at a deep level to quickly switch off the anxiety and correct common misconceptions about flying which can often lead to unnecessary fear.

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The journey to depression is unique to the individual and is usually through a series of difficult past events, current situations and disempowering thought patterns. This Module teaches you how to heal your specific experiences one by one. With each unwanted emotion cleared and new thought implanted, you will adjust the very mechanisms that led to and maintain your depression.

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Grief is one of the most painful things we can experience. This Module gives you the tools to make the grieving process more bearable. On some days it might feel as though you are suffocating and constantly feel on the verge of crying. Our intervention can be used to release some of the overwhelm, allowing you to function. You will also learn certain ways of thinking which have already helped 1000’s of people cope after losing a loved one.

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Take back control of your cravings and compulsions for alcohol, food, smoking, gambling and drugs.

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