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This Is Orpheus Mind Technologies

We have developed an innovative mental health intervention – the Orpheus Decoupling Process – which in just 10-15 minutes allows you to dial down the sometimes overwhelming feelings in your body that come with stress, anxiety, grief, guilt and anger. It can also be used neutralise feelings of compulsion and craving for things like food, alcohol, smoking, gambling and drugs.

Access is anonymous, reducing the barriers to seeking help. Each user will be able to access the app with no waiting list, any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world.

We expect our upcoming NHS trials to quickly put us front and centre in the battle against the mental health crisis.

How It Works

The Orpheus Decoupling Process incorporates principles from well-studied therapies such as Behaviour Therapy, CBT and Reconsolidation-Based Treatments. Importantly, several other psychological principles have been woven into our intervention, in an extremely concise and effective format that can be self-administered. The combined effect allows you to decouple negative thoughts from the bad feelings they can bring.

As young children, our mind is like a sponge, taking on all kinds of information without much scrutiny. As we get older, our thinking and emotional patterns become more rigid, making change difficult. The Orpheus Decoupling Process temporarily breaks down those walls, whilst we fix the dysfunctional mental program. It’s like a digital interface to your mind.

The Exam Anxiety Destroyer module in the Orpheus app
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Why Orpheus?

In 10-15 minutes, our innovative Destroyer Tracks dial down the bad feelings associated with stress, anxiety, anger and grief, and compulsions and cravings for things like food, alcohol and smoking.


Our app is accessible wherever you are in the world, 24/7, meaning help is close by, day or night, when you need it.

Cost Effective

24/7 access on your timetable for 1 month costs less than you would typically pay a counsellor for 30 minutes. The app can be used alone or in combination with talking therapies, helping you whilst you wait for an appointment.

How Can Audio Combat Negative Thoughts?

Listening to our innovative Modules reduces the emotional significance your brain places on a thought. Whether you are anxious about an upcoming flight or the coronavirus pandemic, or you can’t face driving a car after being involved in an accident, our app allows you to feel more positive and to regain control of your emotions. 

A True Innovation

We’ve created an app that is quick and easy access to a genuinely innovative therapy that can use anonymously, 24/7 from anywhere. We’re passionate about improving peoples lives and are doing this by utilising digital technologies.

An Alternative Way To Combat Unwanted Feelings

The Orpheus app combines research with technology. It can be used to help people combat their unwanted stress, anxiety, fears, cravings and compulsions without medication, and is accessed anonymously from a mobile device.

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