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What Is Orpheus Mind Technologies?

Orpheus Mind Technologies is a digital organisation that uses specially composed audio tracks as a way to help you dismantle stress and improve your mental wellbeing. Our app gives you access to our new, innovative Modules.

Feel calmer in minutes with a mobile, digital solution that helps you neutralise negative thoughts anytime, anywhere, and anonymously, through the ease of an app. We expect our upcoming NHS trials to quickly put us front and centre in the battle against the mental health crisis.



How It Works

The Orpheus Modules were designed to exploit powerful psychological principles to combat negative emotions, anxiety, stress and cravings. Accessible anytime, anywhere, our audio tracks allow people to feel calmer when they need it most.

Unlock a more relaxed state of mind with a digital solution designed to neutralise the unwanted feelings associated with negative thoughts and experiences.

Rate your unwanted emotions and listen to our audio tracks until you achieve neutrality.

The Exam Anxiety Destroyer module in the Orpheus app
Why Orpheus?

From fear of flying, exam anxiety and reducing alcohol consumption, to dialling down negative emotions, our Modules have already changed the lives of many individuals.


Our audio tracks are accessible wherever you are in the world at any time, meaning help is close by whenever you need it.

Cost Effective

At from only £12 per month, Orpheus Modules are cheaper than many other self-aid solutions, and can be used in combination with talking therapies.

How Can Audio Combat Negative Thoughts?

Listening to our innovative Modules conditions the brain to think differently. Negative traits such as stress, cravings and compulsions are reduced, allowing you to feel more positive and to regain control of your emotions.

A True Innovation

We’ve created a product that brings together psychological principles and digital technology, in an innovative new way. We’re passionate about improving people’s mental health and are doing this by utilising digital technologies, creating a fast-working resource that is available 24/7.

An Alternative Way To Combat Unwanted Feelings

The Orpheus app combines research with technology. It can be used to help people combat their unwanted stress, anxiety, fears, cravings and compulsions without medication, giving them a solution that works solely through the use of audio.

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