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Welcome to the Orpheus Academy

The Orpheus Academy is the training, accreditation and community platform for Orpheus therapists, coaches and other mental health practitioners. We teach you how to use our innovative Orpheus Decoupling Process – the system and toolkit that we have created to decouple automatic unwanted emotional responses from the thoughts or memories that trigger them, and the beliefs and patterns that are holding you, or your clients and patients back in life. The Orpheus Decoupling Process works at the subconscious level, where all of these emotional responses, patterns and beliefs occur.

Level 1 training focuses on our emotional responses to past, present and future situations and how to use our innovative Negative Emotion Destroyer tracks. Level 2 deals with beliefs and our innovative Creator and Eraser tracks. Level 3 is specialist training on how to apply the Orpheus Decoupling Process for specific topics like working with young people, alcohol and drug dependence, relationship difficulties, career coaching and eating disorders.

To gain access to the app and a commercial licence to use the Orpheus Decoupling Process in your own practice, there is an exam after each training course. If you score 80% or more, we will invite you to become a member of the Orpheus Academy and join our community! The current annual subscription fee is GBP295 or USD360 (includes VAT/sales taxes).

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Level 1 training is a 3 hour course introducing the Orpheus Decoupling Process and its cornerstone tool – our innovative Negative Emotion Destroyer tracks. These work on unwanted emotions by disconnecting the emotional load from the rest of the thought or memory that triggers the feeling.

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Level 2 training builds on Level 1 and brings in how to work on beliefs and patterns of behaviour. We teach you how to use our innovative Creator and Eraser tracks to rapidly remove life-limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough” and implanting positive new beliefs like “I can do this!”.

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Level 3 training allows our Academy members to build specialisms in areas like addiction, career coaching and eating disorders. Level 3 is only open to individuals and organisations who are currently licenced to use the Orpheus Decoupling Process.

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Be Part of Our Community

As well as providing training, we are building a global community of people who want the best for their clients and therefore want the best possible tools and techniques at their disposal. We also want to provide a conduit for those people seeking help to access licenced Orpheus Decoupling Process therapists. Our system and toolkit is allowing mental health practitioners to achieve amazing results with their clients and patients.  This game-changing mental health intervention is extremely powerful, fast and long-lasting. Join our community of innovators today!

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