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Welcome to the Orpheus Academy

The Orpheus Academy is the training, accreditation and community platform for Orpheus therapists, coaches and other mental health practitioners. We teach you how to use our innovative Orpheus Decoupling Process – the system and toolkit that we have created to decouple automatic unwanted emotional responses from the thoughts or memories that trigger them, and the beliefs and patterns that are holding you, or your clients and patients back in life. The Orpheus Decoupling Process works at the subconscious level, where all of these emotional responses, patterns and beliefs occur.

Level 1 training focuses on our emotional responses to past, present and future situations and how to use our innovative Negative Emotion Destroyer tracks. Level 2 deals with beliefs and our innovative Creator and Eraser tracks. Level 3 is specialist training on how to apply the Orpheus Decoupling Process for specific topics like working with young people, alcohol and drug dependence, relationship difficulties, career coaching and eating disorders.

To gain access to the app and a commercial licence to use the Orpheus Decoupling Process in your own practice, there is an exam after each training course. If you score 80% or more, we will invite you to become a member of the Orpheus Academy and join our community! The current annual subscription fee is GBP295 or USD360 (includes VAT/sales taxes).

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Level 1 training is a 3 hour course introducing the Orpheus Decoupling Process and its cornerstone tool – our innovative Negative Emotion Destroyer tracks. These work on unwanted emotions by disconnecting the emotional load from the rest of the thought or memory that triggers the feeling.

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Level 2 training builds on Level 1 and brings in how to work on beliefs and patterns of behaviour. We teach you how to use our innovative Creator and Eraser tracks to rapidly remove life-limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough” and implanting positive new beliefs like “I can do this!”.

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Level 3 training allows our Academy members to build specialisms in areas like addiction, career coaching and eating disorders. Level 3 is only open to individuals and organisations who are currently licenced to use the Orpheus Decoupling Process.

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Be Part of Our Community

As well as providing training, we are building a global community of people who want the best for their clients and therefore want the best possible tools and techniques at their disposal. We also want to provide a conduit for those people seeking help to access licenced Orpheus Decoupling Process therapists. Our system and toolkit is allowing mental health practitioners to achieve amazing results with their clients and patients.  This game-changing mental health intervention is extremely powerful, fast and long-lasting. Join our community of innovators today!

Get 25% discount on Orpheus Level 1 and Level 2 courses, and first year membership for the Orpheus Academy by using code ACADEMY25 on checkout

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Orpheus Academy – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which training to take?

The Orpheus Decoupling Process involves different tools and systems/processes. The training starts with level 1 and this must be taken before level 2 as the courses build on the previous trainings. You have to start at level 1 and then, if you chose, do level 2.  You can purchase both courses at the same time but level 2 will not make sense unless you have completed level 1.

Does Level 2 include Level 1?

No, these are separate courses. Level 2 builds on level 1 and so you must take the courses in order.

How long does certification take?

The level 1 course and level 2 courses are both about 3 hrs long, each.  They are pre-recorded so you can do them at your leisure.  The courses are for educational purposes and are suitable for anyone with an interest in mental health.  However, if you are a therapist, coach or practitioner, then you must pass our exams at 80% or more before being invited to become a member of the Orpheus Academy.  Membership is annual and includes a commercial licence for individual therapists who are working with individuals (not companies).

Once a certified member of the Orpheus Academy, do my clients then have to enroll/pay separately?

At the moment, yes. We are developing a system so that Orpheus Academy members will be able to give their clients app access and the practitioners will pay Orpheus on behalf of their clients (with the charge being passed on to clients as part of the practitioner’s fees). Meanwhile, Orpheus Academy members are given a discount code that their clients can use when subscribing to the app directly.

How do I logistically connect my clients with the resources so we can work together?

The app is a progressive web app, meaning it works through the web browser on your mobile device. They should subscribe to the app which is here:


What does the yearly Orpheus Academy membership fee include?

The fee gives 12 months access to the tools for which you are qualified (ie have passed an exam at 80% or more) to use. Level 1 tools include our Negative Emotion Destroyer tracks which work on automatic emotional responses. If you are Level 1 and Level 2 qualified, you will get access to those tracks and our innovative Creator and Eraser tracks, which work on subconscious belief systems.

You also get access to our monthly Q&A calls (launching in March 2024), and will soon get to be part of our searchable directory of Orpheus Academy practitioners, so new clients can find you more easily.

How do I know it’ll be a good investment in my time and for my business?

The results we get are exceptional and fast. The Orpheus Decoupling Process and the tools we use are game-changing, which is why organisations like the NHS (the UK Healthcare provider) recommend the use of it for their own staff wellbeing. You can also see our testimonials page: www.orpheusmindtechnologies.com/testimonials

How large is the Orpheus Academy membership base?

We have only just launched the Orpheus Academy and, as with any disruptive technology, we have a small but growing number of early adopters. Importantly, we have a growing user base and evidence base about the success of the Orpheus Decoupling Process, and are working on more clinical trials to prove how effective it is in a clinical situation.

What are longer term visions with Orpheus and how can practitioners continue to grow/will there be opportunities to expand in the future?

We believe our technology is a game-changer in the battle against the mental health crisis.  Services are completely overwhelmed, there are not enough talk-therapists to get close to keeping up with demand, people are languishing in waiting lists and suffering. We want to build our community of Orpheus Academy members to help as many people as possible.  We are working with some of the best universities in the world to create more scientific evidence to prove the power of this amazing system and toolkit.

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