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Orpheus Therapist Level 1 Training
"This is going to be GAME-CHANGING for my clients!" -Certified Level 2 Orpheus Therapist-


“This is going to be GAME-CHANGING for my clients!”
-Certified Level 2 Orpheus Therapist-



What you'll learn

  • How the Orpheus Negative Emotion Destroyers (NED) reduce the intensity of unwanted emotions in minutes
  • Examples of how to apply the NED in a range of situations
  • What drives your automatic emotional reactivity and how to change it
  • How to bypass resistance to change and to common objections
  • How to identify the root causes of seemingly complex mental health issues
  • How to use on past, present or future situations
  • How to improve your personal and work life
  • How to quickly create positive change which can last a lifetime
  • Practical considerations and ethics for starting a therapy practice

Is this course for you?

  • For self-helpers, mental health practitioners, coaches and people interested in mental health
  • Suitable for those wanting to start a therapy/coaching practice
  • No experience required

Course Description

You will learn the science which underpins the development of our Negative Emotion Destroyer tracks – the cornerstone tool of the Orpheus Decoupling Process. We will teach you our systematic and predictable template for how and when to deploy NED to rapidly reduce unwanted emotions. Examples are used for illustration. We also discuss ethics, licensing, insurance recommendations, the crucial importance of treating people with honesty and respect, and other practical considerations. This course includes the training only. To get app access and to use the Orpheus Decoupling Process tools in your therapy/coaching practice, you must be a member of the Orpheus Academy. Details of subscription fees are at www.orpheusmindtechnologies.com/academy. 


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  • 4,049 Reviews
  • 12,089 Students
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April Adams

International Director, Orpheus Academy

April is an Orpheus Therapist based in the USA. Since 2015, April has successfully advised hundreds of clients toward achieving emotional peace using the Orpheus system, and now leads the training and events activities for Orpheus Mind Technologies. Her specialties include working with women 30-55, relationship issues, overwhelm, resentment, longing, adverse childhood experiences and limiting beliefs, fears and phobias. April is the author of two bestselling books, has had several television appearances and over 40 podcast interviews throughout her career.

Tim Phizackerley

Chief Innovation Officer, Creator of the Orpheus Decoupling Process

Tim holds a BEd (Hons) degree from Lancaster University and is a full-time mental health practitioner with an international reputation and client list. His early career started as a computer analyst, working on government mainframe systems but, following an incredibly challenging period in his personal life during which he nearly lost his wife to terminal illness, he became fascinated by the human mind and its abilities. This experience led him to transition into clinical therapy and since that time he has constantly innovated. Emotional resilience, mindset, and ways to create emotional calm have been a focus of intense study for Tim and his work has been featured in the media and other publications. Tim leads the development of the Orpheus Decoupling Process and is passionate about improving mental health provision.


This course includes:

  • Flexible with your schedule
  • Certify as a Level 1 Orpheus Therapist
  • 3 hours of on demand content from our top experts
  • Downloadable resources
  • Access to monthly live Q&As with our Academy Directors
  • Access to the Orpheus Academy portal
  • Join the Orpheus Academy community

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