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Addictions, Cravings and Compulsions

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On average our users report that the intensity of their feeling or craving reduces by over 50% in under 15 minutes, and the impact is cumulative. You simply press play, try to keep hold of the craving and follow the instructions on the audio track. For most people the effect is immediate.

In a sense, a craving or compulsion is simply an urge or feeling which compels you toward an action. The higher the intensity of the urge, the more difficult it is to resist. Imagine having a button you can press to remove an unwanted urge whenever it surfaces. The urge to drink alcohol or eat certain foods, for example, can be difficult to overcome using willpower alone. Our intervention neutralises the urge at a deep level, giving back control.

We give extensive help and advice in the following areas:

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Addictions, cravings and compulsions modules

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We all respond to alcohol differently. Some people can effortlessly cut down or stop drinking if they so choose. Others experience a stronger urge to drink, making it more difficult to abstain. This Module was designed to rapidly help those who wish to make a change by neutralising the urge.

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Many of us struggle with the compulsion to eat sugary or fatty foods and drinks, including addictive fizzy drinks. The Module will help reduce any thoughts or feelings that lead to overeating, allowing you to move towards a more balanced diet.

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The pathway to drug addiction is multifaceted but usually involves is a compulsion to misuse the substance. At a certain point, this compulsion becomes so compelling that it becomes a huge problem. The tools in this Module work immediately, giving you the power to neutralise the urge and make the choice to abstain easier.

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Despite knowing about the harmful effects of smoking, many people still struggle to quit. This Module gives you a way to break the cycle of smoking and vaping, empowering you to become a non-smoker without the need to use nicotine-based alternatives, medications, hypnosis or other forms of help.

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The odd bet on a sporting or other event can be fun, but for some people, this can develop into a compulsion which they have no control over. This Module targets the triggers in your mind that drives the urge and neutralises them.

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The source of many cravings and compulsions come from difficult life events, which lead to negative emotions. The Modules in our Unwanted Emotions category help you deal with any current or historical emotional pain and can amplify the success of the Modules in the Addictions, Cravings and Compulsions category.

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