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This is next level neuroscience...

How do I use the app?

There is a simple instructional video in each Module. The app is designed to be really easy and quick to use.

How long does it take to work?

A significant, positive impact is felt immediately for over 95% of our users. On average there is a >50% reduction in the intensity of the feeling or craving after just one listen, and the effect is cumulative.

How long do I need to commit for?

Subscriptions are monthly, so as long as you unsubscribe before the next month, you can come and go as you please. Many people experience huge benefits and form new habits in the first month, whilst others stay subscribed so that help is at hand whenever they need it.

How does it work?

As young children, our mind is like a sponge, taking on all kinds of information without much scrutiny. As we get older, our thinking and emotional patterns become more rigid, making change difficult. We use well-studied psychological mechanisms such as neuroplasticity and memory reconsolidation to fix the dysfunctional mental patterns and reactions. It’s like having a digital interface to your mind.

I am already in therapy. Will this interfere?

This intervention is different from anything else available and will not interfere with other therapies but we recommend seeking out a licenced Orpheus Practitioner to get the full benefits. Most of the time the intervention will aid any other treatment you are receiving. We suggest speaking to your therapist if you have any concerns.

How often will I need to use this app?

This will vary significantly from person to person. One person might experience a life-changing outcome after just a couple of listens. However, if someone has a lifetime of trauma which is ongoing, they are more likely to need more frequent help. In this situation, whilst a problem is ongoing, the app can be used to keep you from being overwhelmed.

How is this different from mindfulness?

In many ways, this is the opposite of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a useful practice which can make you feel calmer and trains your mind to detach from unpleasant thoughts and feelings. Our intervention involves bringing up the unwanted state and then dismantling the structure of it in your mind. This removes the need to detach from emotionally-charged thoughts and feelings because they simply will no longer be significant. The Orpheus app is to be used as and when needed, whereas mindfulness is more of a practice that needs to be repeated over time. The two work together well.

If a craving returns, does that mean it hasn't worked?

No. Some people get a dramatic shift immediately and might never need to use it again. However, there is sometimes more complexity involved and therefore it is best to see a re-emergence of the craving as a sign that your brain needs more exposure to our intervention. The impact is cumulative, so the more time you listen the stronger the overall effect.

Could this replace the need for a therapist?

Possibly. Many people will experience substantial relief from this alone and may not need further help. However, it can be used alongside therapy, clearing stress/cravings/compulsions between sessions and can be used once therapy has finished, reducing the risk of relapse.

How do I unsubscribe?

Within the app, click on the settings page (image of a wheel, at the top-right corner on the home screen) and select subscriptions.

Is this like binaural beats, EFT or hypnosis?

No. We combine several psychological principles to disrupt and dismantle the structure of the problem thought/craving/state. It’s closest cousin is EMDR, but the only similarity is that both involve focusing on a target problem whilst trying to keep hold of the emotion/craving. Essentially, our intervention disrupts the “reconsolidation” process that our brain uses to interpret thoughts, thereby reducing the emotional significance attributed to the target.

Why can't I see the audio tracks?

The audio tracks only appear once you have subscribed. If you have an active subscription and you can’t see the tracks, you probably aren’t logged in. To do this go to the settings section, click on login and then type in your username (the email address you registered with) and password when prompted.

How do I access the app offline?

In order to access the app offline, you must first click on the download link next to each of the audio’s you wish to access whilst connected to the internet. Ensure you open the app online, before you lose a data connection. Leave the page open, and you will be able to use each of the audio’s you previously downloaded.

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