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This is not mindfulness, this is the next level...

How long does it take to work?

Results for many people are immediate. Just one or two listens of a Destroyer track is often enough for a significant positive impact.

How long do I need to commit for?

Subscription occurs over the course of a month. So long as you unsubscribe before the next month, you will not be charged.

For many a month will be enough to give huge benefits and form new habits. Other people may wish to continue so they have a back up as and when needed.

How does it work?

It uses psychological principles such as pattern interrupts, classical conditioning and suggestion to dismantle structures in your mind which give rise to bad feelings

I am already in therapy. Will this interfere?

This therapy is very different from anything else available and shouldn’t interfere. In fact most of the time it will aid any other work you are doing. We suggest speaking to your therapist if you have any concerns.

How often will I need to use this app?

This will vary significantly from person to person. One person might experience a life changing outcome after just a couple of listens of a Destroyer track. However if someone has a lifetime of trauma which is ongoing, they are more likely to need to use it more. Even if used as a coping mechanism, it is very powerful and can help keep you from being overwhelmed.

How is this different from mindfulness?

In many ways this is the opposite to mindfulness. Mindfulness is a useful practice which can make you feel calmer and trains your mind to detach from unpleasant thoughts and feelings. The Orpheus app involves intentionally bringing up the unwanted state and then the tools begin dismantling the structure of it in your mind. This removes the need to detach from emotionally charged thoughts and feelings because they simply will no longer be emotionally charged. The Orpheus app is to be used as and when needed, whereas mindfulness is more of a practice that needs to be repeated over time. The two work together well.

I used the craving/compulsion destroyer and it worked well but the following week it came back. Does this mean it hasn’t worked?

Some people get a dramatic shift and might not even need to use it after the first couple of times. However there is sometimes more complexity involved and therefore it is best to see a re-emergence of a craving as a sign that your brain needs to absorb the Destroyer track once more. The impact is cumulative.

Imagine for moment you clear a craving for chocolate which lasts a full week. Then something stressful happens and what feels like a craving comes back. This is often a very different aspect of a craving. Often this is the initiation of a self-soothing program in your mind to cope with the stress. You may repeat usage of the relevant Craving Destroyer and it will likely work again. Alternative you could use a Negative Emotion Destroyer to deal with the stress. Doing so will likely clear the craving. This applied for each of the craving/compulsion tracks.

Could this replace the need for a therapist?

We see this as a great starting point. Many people will experience substantial relief from this alone and may not need therapy/counselling. However it can be used along with therapy, clearing stress/cravings/compulsions between sessions and can be used once therapy has finished to reduce the chance that your problems return.

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