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Orpheus has developed a one-of-a-kind app which allows you to quickly reduce the intensity of stressors in your life, freeing you to get back to what matters most. We leverage recent advances in therapy and brain science to safely lower the emotional load of specific stressful or painful thoughts and experiences, without even needing to talk about them.

It is completely different from common therapies or apps which use CBT, hypnosis, or mindfulness, and can be used to complement other approaches or work on its own.

Curious? Get results in just 10-15 minutes.

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Orpheus has developed a system (Orpheus Decoupling Process) using our innovative tools to help you quickly manage emotional responses and change life-limiting beliefs. The Orpheus Decoupling Process can be easily taught and through our Orpheus Academy, you can train and incorporate these tools and our system into your therapy or coaching practice.

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The app works unlike anything else. On average, our users experience over a 50% reduction in the intensity of the overwhelming feeling or craving in under 15 minutes, and the effect is cumulative.

Access is anonymous, removing the barriers to seeking help and you can access the app with no waiting list, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

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How Does It Work?

The Orpheus Decoupling Process incorporates principles from well-studied brain mechanisms such as neuroplasticity and memory reconsolidation. It weaves these and some of our own discoveries together in an innovative way that can be self-applied or therapist-led.

Two people in the same situation can experience it very differently. This is because our brain views the world through a lens that is formed from a lifetime of previous experiences and expectations of the future. Some lenses are dirty, making things appear darker and leading you to feel negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and guilt. Others have a rose-tint and lead you to see things in a more positive way.

The Orpheus Decoupling Process make changes to the way your brain views the world at the subconscious level, where most of our automatic reactions happen.

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Why Orpheus?


For most people the effect is immediate. On average our users report that the intensity of their feeling or craving reduces by over 50% in under 15 minutes, often leaving them completely calm.


Our app is available wherever you are in the world, 24/7, meaning help is close by day or night when you need it. Access is anonymous and the evidence-based intervention works without the need to speak about the problem, removing the barriers to getting help.


The Orpheus Decoupling process has helped thousands of people, often where other systems have failed. The app can be used alone or with other types of therapy, and can be self-applied or guided by a licenced Orpheus Practitioner.

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