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Take Control, Feel Calmer.
This is not mindfulness, this is the next level...
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What Is Orpheus Mind Technologies?

We have developed an app which gives access to our innovative, evidence-based mental health audio intervention – the Orpheus Decoupling Process – which rapidly allows you to reduce the intensity of unwanted feelings associated with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, guilt and anger. It also neutralises feelings of compulsion and craving for things like food, alcohol, smoking, gambling and drugs. In under 15 minutes, on average, our users experience over a 50% reduction in the intensity of the feeling, and the effect is cumulative.

Access is anonymous, removing the barriers to seeking help, and the intervention works by you listening to our audio tracks and performing the task as instructed in the app. Each user can access the app with no waiting list, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

We expect our upcoming NHS trials to quickly put us front and centre in the battle against the mental health crisis.

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How It Works

Our intervention incorporates principles from well-studied therapies such as behaviour therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and reconsolidation-based treatments. Importantly, several other psychological principles have been added in an extremely concise and effective format that can be self-administered. The result quickly reduces the unwanted feelings or cravings you have, leaving you feeling calm.

Two people in the same situation can experience it very differently. This is because our brain views the world through a lens that is formed from a lifetime of previous experiences and expectations of the future. Some lenses are dirty, making things appear darker and leading you to feel negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and guilt. Others have a rose-tint and lead you to see things in a calmer and more positive way.

Our intervention was designed to make changes to the way your brain views the world at a deep level. It’s like having a digital interface to your mind, giving you back control.

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Orpheus Mind Technologies

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Why Orpheus?


For most people the effect is immediate. On average our users report that the intensity of their feeling or craving reduces by over 50% in under 15 minutes, often leaving them completely calm.


Our app is available wherever you are in the world, 24/7, meaning help is close by day or night when you need it. Access is anonymous and the evidence-based intervention works without the need to speak about the problem, removing the barriers to getting help.

Cost Effective

Unlike other apps, ongoing usage isn’t required because the results are so rapid. Our 15-minute intervention has helped where sometimes years of other therapies have not. 1 month of access costs less than you would typically pay a counsellor for 30 minutes.

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Alcohol Cravings

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Download, Press Play, Feel Calmer

The process is simple:

  • Press play on the audio
  • Think about the problem issue to activate the unwanted feeling/craving
  • Try to keep hold of the feeling
  • Listen for certain distinct sounds
  • Perform the corresponding movement as instructed
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we think differently

A True Innovation

Our approach to mental health is different. Most mental health issues stem from automatic thoughts and feelings which we have little conscious control over.

Understanding that your relationship with alcohol is unhealthy does not mean that your brain will delete the urge to drink. Nor does knowing that a difficult situation will pass, stop your brain from inducing anxiety until it is over. Sometimes those experiences can have an emotional impact for many years later.

Our innovative, evidence-based intervention allows you to regain control over those automatic responses at the push of a button.

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A Pricing Structure To Give Flexibility

Our come and go subscription plans mean that you can get access for a month or stay subscribed to have help on hand indefinitely. Choose a Basic subscription to help with cravings and compulsions or gain access to all our content with a Premium subscription.

If you are interested in providing our app to your workforce, please contact us.

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