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How To Use The App
This is not mindfulness, this is the next level...
Step 1

Our Orpheus App is not available in App Store or the Android equivalent. Instead, it works through your mobile device web browser. Go to the home screen of our app and press on the Module that is most relevant to you. You can add an app button to your home screen in the same way you would add a web page. There are instructions in the settings section of the app.

Step 2

Each Module includes an informative animation and a description to help you understand the Orpheus App and to ensure this is the correct Module for you before purchasing.

Step 3

There are two pricing plans available. The basic subscription at £12 per month allows you access to one Module or for £24 a month you have unlimited access to all Modules. Simply select the plan that works best for you. More information on pricing can be found here: orpheusmindtechnologies.com/pricing/

Step 4

Once unlocked, the Module(s) you have selected will display a list of tracks. If you are new to the App, start with the Orpheus Module (which is included in all adult plans). Each track gives clear instructions and information on what to expect and to how to use the App. You should listen carefully to ensure you get the full impact, but if you need help immediately, you should follow the instructions and listen to a Destroyer Track, then come back to the other tracks later.

The Modules in our Orpheus App are designed to be easy to navigate and easily signposted. All the information you need is contained within the audio tracks. As you become more familiar with the App, you will learn which tracks to go to, in order to get help.

Our Destroyer Tracks quickly dial down the negative feelings you have, whether that is a knot in your chest, a churning in your stomach, a tension in your body, or that feeling of compulsion to smoke, eat certain foods, drink alcohol or take drugs.

Our Creator Tracks give you the ability to imagine a positive way of thinking, and then firmly embed it deep into your mind, as if you have always thought that way!

Each Module has informational tracks that provide examples, ideas, tips and perspectives to help you with your specific problem, and to give you case studies on where the Destroyer and Creator tracks can be used to best effect. There are different Modules dealing with various types of negative emotion such as Stress, anxiety, grief, guilt, anger and depression.

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