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How To Use The App
A step by step guide

Step One

Our Orpheus App is not available in App Store or the Android equivalent. Instead, it works through your mobile device web browser. Go to the home screen of our app and press on the Module that is most relevant to you. You can add an app button to your home screen in the same way you would add a web page. There are instructions in the settings section of the app.

Step Two

Each Module includes a description to help you understand the Orpheus App and to ensure this is the correct Module for you before purchasing.

Step Three

Each Module is individually priced. Simply select the Module that works best for you. Prices are in the app at http://app.orpheusmindtechnologies.com

Step Four

Each Module contains a short explainer video which tells you how to use the Module. Watch that first.

The Modules in our Orpheus App are designed to be easy to navigate. All the information you need is contained within the Module.

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