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Conquer Your Fear Of Flying For Good

The tools within the Orpheus app were originally designed to quickly dial down trauma and we are in talks with the NHS about clinical trials for their staff wellbeing. Using cutting edge psychology we have applied the same technology so that you can remove your fear of flying rapidly.

The process involves bringing up the anxiety and trying to keep hold of it. Whilst doing so, our app uses several psychological principles to dismantle the structures that create and maintain the fear. Previously known as Fly and Be Calm, these tools have helped 1000’s clear their anxiety about flying.

For many people, just 10 or 20 minutes of using our Destroyer tool will be enough to remove all fear. People often find they are unable to bring it back after using the tool, no matter how hard they try! The impact is cumulative so you can go through the process as often as is needed.

At just £12 for a month’s subscription, why not treat yourself to becoming a calm flyer today?

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Fear of Flying