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Young People's Module

It can be incredibly tough seeing your child struggle. For quite a large number of children, the school years can be fraught with anxieties, worries, anger, feelings of low self worth and many other types of struggle. The Orpheus App offers a toolkit of help that is extremely powerful and your child can use as and when needed.

At a time when their minds are still developing, the Orpheus Young Peeople’s Module can act as a helping hand, giving you and your child help on a number of common issues. This advice stems from working with 1000’s of children and is very practical. Throughout we give countless real-world examples of children who have used these approaches.

We include the Orpheus Decoupling Process which a child can use to quickly dial down feelings of overwhelm. Even if your child only uses this, everything can become much easier. That knot in their chest or butterflies in their stomach can quickly disappear. Beyond that we give extensive help and advice in the following areas:


Feeling Not Good Enough

Concern About Appearance

Parents Seperating

Friendship Difficulties

General School Stress

Losing Loved Ones

Exam Anxiety

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