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Stop Smoking For Good

Stop Smoking For Good

Aside from becoming more and more antisocial, smoking is incredibly damaging to your body whilst also being highly addictive due to nicotine.  Many smokers and vapers find it difficult to fight the urge.

Our Smoking Craving Destroyer Module gives you a way to break the cycle of smoking and vaping, empowering you to become a non-smoker without the need to use nicotine-based alternatives and medications.

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What’s in the Module?

Using an innovative new Destroyer tracks, our Modules target the addictive urges, allowing you to take charge of your cravings. In just a few minutes, you can regain power over your compulsion to smoke or vape and look forward to a healthier future.

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Alcohol Cravings

Whether you want to cut down or stop drinking completely, having a tool which clears cravings will give you back control over your alcohol intake. At just £12 for a one month subscription, why not take back control today?

Drug Use

Whether you’re wanting to cut down or abstain from anything from pain killers to cocaine, having a tool which clears cravings can give you back control. At just £12 for a one month subscription, why not take back control today?


The Gambling Compulsion Destroyer Module targets the triggers in your mind that make you want to gamble and neutralises them. You can take the app with you anywhere so that help is available 24/7, should you need it.

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