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Take Control Of Your Alcohol Intake

The tools within the Orpheus app were originally designed to quickly dial down trauma and these tools are about to undergo NHS clinical trials. Using cutting edge psychology we have applied the same technology so that you can dial down cravings and urges to drink.

The process involves you actively trying to keep hold of the craving whilst following the instructions in the app. Whilst doing so, our app uses several psychological principles to dismantle the structures that create and maintain the craving.

For many people, just 15 minutes of using our Destroyer tool will be enough to dial the craving right down. People often find they are unable to bring it back after using the tool, no matter how hard they try! With the craving lowered, it is far easier to abstain from drinking. The impact is cumulative so you can go through the process as often as is needed.

Whether you want to cut down or stop drinking completely, having a tool which clears cravings will give you back control over your alcohol intake. At just £12 for a one month subscription, why not take back control today? One month might be all it takes to form new habits.

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