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The Orpheus Modules are designed to eliminate the unwanted negative feelings that dominate your life. Each one is composed to help you overcome different states of mind – from stress and anxiety to fears, compulsions and cravings – ultimately allowing you to feel calmer.




Our Modules are composed to dial down the feelings associated with fear, stress, cravings, compulsions and more. When you are calmer, you regain the ability to choose how you respond, or what you do in life. Choose the Module that is right for you.

Easily Accessible

All of our Modules include instructional and therapeutic audio tracks. Listen to the instructions, rate your negative emotions on a scale of 0-10, and then let the therapeutic audio tracks work to neutralise your unwanted feelings. Use as often as is needed.

Easy To Use

The Orpheus app can be used offline so you can dial down your unwanted feelings, compulsions and cravings wherever you are in the world, whenever you need it most. Simply add it to your mobile device home-screen, and your account can be accessed at any time, in any location.

Train Your Mind

Orpheus gives you back the power when it comes to your emotions. Listening to our tracks allows you to train your mind to feel differently, by disconnecting negative thoughts from the memories or thoughts that create them.

Current Orpheus Modules

Use the Smoking Craving DestroyerTM Modules to eliminate the craving to smoke or vape, helping you to stop without medication

Use the Alcohol Craving DestroyerTM Modules to take control of your alcohol intake, whether you wish to cut down or stop entirely

Use the Gambling Compulsion DestroyerTM Modules to remove the unhealthy desire to gamble, when it is becoming a problem

Use the Flying Anxiety DestroyerTM Modules to make you feel calmer before, during and after you flights

Use the Exam Anxiety DestroyerTM Modules to allow you to think more clearly, without the worry, when preparing for and during your exams

Use the Negative Emotion DestroyerTM Modules to help you deal with anger, grief, stress, overwhelm, anxiety, guilty and any other unwanted negative emotions


Use the Food Craving DestroyerTM Module to remove any unwanted cravings you have for sugary or fatty foods and beverages, including energy drinks.

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