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Improve The Mental Wellbeing Of Your Team
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You Know The Problem

Any good employer wants a healthy and happy workforce, partly as a good corporate citizen but also due the productivity impact. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know how best to help your colleagues. The best solution clearly must be something that is easy to access, relatively inexpensive and gives immediate and measurable help.

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rapid, measurable help

Why Orpheus?

There really is nothing quite like the intervention in our app for producing a rapid change in how someone feels. Many organisations provide mental health support in the form of apps which focus on mindfulness or give limited access to counselling etc.

Often these are things that may help at the time but the effects can be short-lived or take real dedication to make an impact. Our data shows that in less than 15 minutes, on average the intensity of someone’s distress or craving reduces by over 50% with the Orpheus app, and the effect is cumulative.

As life difficulties occur, colleagues have the ability to quickly stop the emotional build-up, preventing the risk of more serious mental health-related issues from surfacing. The Orpheus Decoupling Process can be used to actively prevent larger issues occurring and to act rapidly on those that exist.

Our tools can also be used to help build confidence, alleviate presentation and meeting anxiety, aid in conflict resolution and optimise a mindset for a sales success. With one-to-one help from one of our expert consultants, we can coach your colleagues on a wide range of issues including confidence and assertiveness, helping them to perform at their best.

First, We X-Ray

Unsure what your team would benefit from? We identify the emotional pain points that your workforce experiences via an anonymous survey. Then, working with our team, we can create a tailored package, designed specifically for your organisation. From reducing stress and anxiety, to alleviating disruptive cravings or compulsions, we can create a bespoke programme just for you.

Access To The App

We can provide access to the Orpheus app for your entire workforce. This provides 24/7 access to our innovative Modules which contain information, perspectives and case studies on how best to apply the Orpheus Decoupling Process.  With anonymous access, the barriers are removed for those who do not wish to discuss their problems, allowing them to self-apply our intervention whenever they need it.

App Analytics

We can provide data on the effectiveness of the app. The information is collected anonymously and is not linked to any individual, but collected as a group within the organisation, meaning your colleagues do not need to worry about their privacy. The app is certified by Orcha – the organisation used by NHS England for technical and GDPR compliance.

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