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NHS Mental Health During Coronavirus

The technology in our Orpheus app is completely unique and is not like mindfulness or meditation.  It was specifically designed to rapidly and effectively help the Mental Health of victims of trauma, almost like emergency care for the mind. It works on any unwanted negative emotion, for example stress, overwhelm, anxiety, grief, guilt, depression and anger, but also on cravings and compulsions such as alcohol, smoking, gambling and food.

The therapeutic tracks often work in 10-15 minutes and the app has 24/7 anonymous logins, so you can access help whenever and wherever you need it.

To access the app, from your mobile device web browser, go to:


Click on any of the Modules (square pictures) and on the next screen subscribe using your @nhs.net email address and choose PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION, but input and confirm the voucher code:


If you have an email address other than @nhs.net please contact us using the Organisations Enquiry Form.

You will get free access during this incredibly stressful period.

If you are not an NHS worker but would like help, please click here for discounted access.

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