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Dealing With Exam Stress

Dealing With Exam Stress

Exams never get any easier, no matter how old you are. Some people find that the fear and anxiety ahead of an exam gets so severe that it starts to affect their everyday mental wellbeing, as well as exam performance.

Our Exam Anxiety Destroyer Module is designed to reduce the intensity of these feelings around exam times, helping you to be calmer and able to think with greater clarity.

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The innovative Destroyer tracks in our app target the feelings of fear, stress and anxiety that you may be experiencing in the lead-up to an exam, whilst giving your mind positive thoughts which lead to greater confidence, allowing you to face the test head-on and perform at your best.

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Fear Of Flying

For many people, just 10 or 20 minutes of using our Destroyer tool will be enough to remove all fear. Why not treat yourself to becoming a calm flyer today?

Negative Emotions

Our Orpheus app offers you the tools to move past these feelings. The innovative Negative Emotion Destroyer™ Modules will help you deal with any feelings of anger, grief, stress, overwhelm, anxiety, depression or guilt that you may be experiencing.


The coronavirus crisis is unprecedented and as we all struggle to navigate these uncharted waters, huge numbers of people are left feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope. You are not alone.

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