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The innovative technology in our Orpheus app is completely unique and is not like mindfulness or meditation. It was specifically designed to rapidly and effectively help the mental health of victims of trauma, almost like emergency care for the mind.

It works on any unwanted negative emotion, for example stress, overwhelm, anxiety, grief, guilt, depression and anger, but also on cravings and compulsions such as alcohol, smoking, gambling and food. The therapeutic tracks often work in 10-15 minutes and the app has 24/7 anonymous logins, so you can access help whenever and wherever you need it.

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The Objective

Orpheus Mind Technologies have created an app which is quick to access, available 24/7 and is far cheaper than paying for a therapist. Our innovative Destroyer tracks can quickly dial down the knot in your stomach, the crushing sensation in your head or the general unpleasant feeling in your body brought about by stress, anxiety, anger, grief and guilt. If you can listen to the audio tracks and follow instructions, you can get help. We are transforming the speed, cost and ease with which the world can get therapy, every day.

Our objective is to alleviate or eliminate the mental pain of everybody, everywhere by working with individuals, employers, charities and healthcare providers. We want to help people who don’t want to ask someone for help, as well as those who do. We want to give people back control of their emotions. We want to help people control or eliminate cravings. We want to help change the game in an area that is struggling to keep up with demand.

Chief Technology Officer

Peter holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology from Lancaster University and following an early career in Technology, he moved back into the realm of the Human mind as a Clinical Therapist in 2010. Peter’s passion to resolve the complex issues his patients face led to an understanding that a one-size-fits-all mindset was far from optimal.  As such, in his clinical work, he has adopted a toolkit the straddles many well-known psychological practices, but uses the innovative Technology in the Orpheus app as the cornerstone of his work. His years of therapeutic experience using the therapeutic Destroyer and Creator tracks in the app have been incorporated into content of perspectives and case studies, to help people understand how the app works in a range of situations.  

Peter became an expert and pioneer in the technology that underpins our Destroyer and Creator Tracks and has written several books on the topic. Today, Peter co-develops the methodology around their use and has worked with thousands of people, many of which are teenagers who attend specialist schools because their behavioural and emotional difficulties were too difficult for mainstream schools. He has successfully helped these people and many more using the tools in the Orpheus app, when they had failed to respond to more traditional treatments.

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