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The innovative technology in our Orpheus app is completely unique and is not like mindfulness or meditation. It was specifically designed to rapidly and effectively help the Mental Health of victims of trauma, almost like emergency care for the mind.

It works on any unwanted negative emotion, for example stress, overwhelm, anxiety, grief, guilt, depression and anger, but also on cravings and compulsions such as alcohol, smoking, gambling and food. The therapeutic tracks often work in 10-15 minutes and the app has 24/7 anonymous logins, so you can access help whenever and wherever you need it.

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The Objective

Orpheus Mind Technologies have created a product that uses the power of digital to improve mental wellbeing, and we are changing the speed and ease with which the world can improve mental health, every day.

Our objective is to improve the mental wellbeing of everybody, everywhere by working with individuals, employers, charities and healthcare providers. We want users to feel empowered to quickly and easily reduce the effects of stress and anxiety, crush their fears and give up their harmful cravings.

Chief Technology Officer

Peter Owen is the Orpheus Mind Technologies CTO and reviews the content of our app every month to ensure it is current.  He holds a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from Lancaster University, is a qualified hypnotherapist and percussive suggestion Master Practitioner. He has been a therapist for around a decade, using a variety of tools such as cognitive behavioural therapy, emotional freedom technique, neurolinguistic programming and percussive suggestion to help his clients. Peter has been a scholar of the workings of the human mind for most of his adult life, investigating and utilising new and well-established treatment methods for his therapy sessions, and even performing as a psychological magician, demonstrating the power of the human mind to corporate audiences

Peter became an expert and pioneer in the field of percussive suggestion, which is the technology on which Orpheus is built and has written several books on the topic. Today, Peter co-develops the utility of percussive suggestion and has worked with thousands of people, many of which are teenagers who attend specialist schools because their behavioural and emotional difficulties were too difficult for mainstream schools. He has successfully helped these people and many more using the tools in the Orpheus app, when they had failed to respond to more traditional treatments.

Independent Consultant

Paul McCabe is an independent consultant who reviews the content of our app every month to ensure it is current. He has extensive experience in Percussive Suggestion and is one of the worlds few Master Practitioners. He often consults for clients and other Percussive Suggestion practitioners and is a widely sought after therapist.

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