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Dr Stuart Watson - Clinical Advisor

Stuart is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University and Consultant Psychiatrist in inpatient services care with the NTW Foundation NHS Trust. He is the Chief Investigator for Orpheus Clinical Trials and also works with the Clinical Research Network. In the North-East and North Cumbria, he is co-lead for mental health, and deputy industry lead (cross-specialty) with a lead role in investigator initiated trials and, nationally, he is workstream lead for commercial research.

Self Care Academic Research Unit (SCARU)

The Imperial College London’s Self-Care Academic Research Unit (SCARU), is the first university academic unit dedicated specifically to the study of self-care. Imperial SCARU was formally launched at the 19th Annual Self-Care Conference in London.

SCARU’s vision is to be the leading academic base for self-care, focused on the contributions that individuals, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders can make to help people improve wellbeing, prevent disease and self-manage existing conditions and so called ‘lifestyle diseases’ including obesity and type 2 diabetes. SCARU’s mission is to make the absolute case for self-care by identifying and studying the ways in which individuals, communities and existing health and social care infrastructure and assets can improve people’s self-care behaviours and overall sense of mental health and general wellbeing, addressing in particular opportunities and barriers to self-care in the contemporary settings.

Professor Ahmet Fuat - Clinical Advisor

Professor Ahmet Fuat has been a GP in Darlington, Co.Durham for 33 years. He started the first one-stop diagnostic and integrated heart failure clinic in the UK 17 years ago with local colleagues. His PhD by research generated several publications that have informed UK guidelines and led to the award of an Honorary Professorial Chair in Primary Care at Durham University. He holds various roles in CVD and research including the elected President of the new Primary Care Cardiovascular Society (PCCS) which he was instrumental in reforming, CVD Clinical Adviser to the RCGP, CVD and Research Leads for Darlington PCN and Federation, Associate Lead for Industry Research at North East and North Cumbria NIHR CRN. He has a passion for medical education and remains an active lecturer, tutor and researcher. He is a peer reviewer and/or on the editorial boards of several high impact factor journals. His work has been recognised with fellowships from the RCGP, RCP London and RCP Edinburgh.

Founder and Director - Dr David Jay

David holds a BSc (Hons) from the University of Manchester and a GSK-funded Doctorate from the University of Durham. Subsequently, he was Founder/Director of a University of Durham spin-out company, before entering the world of Executive Search in 2007, most recently specialising in the Life Sciences industry. David set up his own Executive Search company in 2017 with a vision to fuse the best elements of the approaches that his previous employers adopted, whilst eliminating those which reduced productivity and a faster result. He is Founder, CEO and the lead investor of Orpheus Mind Technologies.

Founder and Director - Peter Owen

Peter holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology from Lancaster University and following an early career in Technology, he moved back into the realm of the human mind as a Clinical Therapist in 2010. Peter’s passion to resolve the complex issues his patients face led to an understanding that a one-size-fits-all mindset was far from optimal.  As such, in his clinical work, he has adopted a toolkit the straddles many well-known psychological practices, but uses the innovative Technology in the Orpheus app as the cornerstone of his work. His years of therapeutic experience using the therapeutic Destroyer and Creator tracks in the app have been incorporated into content of perspectives and case studies, to help people understand how the app works in a range of situations. 

Today, Peter co-develops the methodology around their use and has worked with thousands of people, many of whom are teenagers who attend specialist schools because their behavioural and emotional difficulties were too difficult for mainstream schools. He has successfully helped these people and many more using the tools in the Orpheus app when they had failed to respond to more traditional treatments. 

Consultant - Tim Phizackerley

Tim holds a BEd (Hons) degree from Lancaster University and is a full-time mental health practitioner with an international reputation and client list.  His early career started as a computer analyst, working on government mainframe systems but, following an incredibly challenging period in his personal life during which he nearly lost his wife to terminal illness, he became fascinated by the human mind and its abilities. This experience led him to transition into clinical therapy and since that time he has constantly innovated. Emotional resilience, mindset, and ways to create emotional calm have been a focus of intense study for Tim and his work has been featured in the media and other publications. He undertakes development work for Orpheus and is passionate about improving mental health provision.

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